Panchpara Samabay Samiti

Dipor conservation

SAFE team with PPSS members

On 3rd January 2016, SAFE with Panch Para Samabay Samiti members conducted a meeting to further drive the Dipor conservation program at Dipor bil cooperative office in Guwahati. The wetland dwellers have been involved through participatory partnership in the project, as the project operation has an integrated community-ecosystem approach. The community in entirety shares the responsibility of validating and evaluating the economic paradigm of Biorights as a financial scheme. Thus, they are a part of the decision-making system and participate in adaptive project management as well.


Outcome of meeting:

In sociometric studies, impact assessments and feedback processes that are necessarily continued, local fishermen and women and all community members will be involved in designing assessment ad review tools along with their participation in survey machineries so that it creates an unyielding base for conservation program in the forthcoming days.